About Us



I graduated with a Master’s degree in Global Marketing and Strategic Business Management and have just completed my second Master’s in International Business. After taking event planning and hospitality management courses I decided to follow my dreams and I started my event planning business, Events by Ella, named after my daughter who recently joined our life and has filled it with joy and happiness.

Integrating with different cultures is something I have always enjoyed. Travelling extensively throughout Europe and the US has exposed me to multi-cultural structures and different opinions. All of these elements have given me a very broad outlook and have inspired me in many aspects.

I truly love event planning and creating the best celebration possible. This goes for clients’ requests and our own family parties, including my wedding which I planned entirely on my own. All celebrations, birthdays and family get-togethers have been big events in our home.

Great hospitality is a trait that defines me. Hosting parties and get-togethers is an absolute strength of Events by Ella. The experience of personalizing events and putting my stylish touch on them is my ultimate goal in every occasion. One of my driving mantras in both life and business is: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a huge difference.” Listening with understanding and empathy is crucial when meeting our clients’ expectations. Bringing to life someone’s dream and vision is not easy, but with strategic planning and teamwork we will ensure that your special day be a memorable one!